2005-2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Land Cruiser

Fluid Film

Fluid Film Process

1. Clean frame and descale any rust spots if needed

2. Spray fluid film lanolin undercoating on entire underbody and suspension parts.
4x4 spray rear differential assembly. All metal splash shields. Apply and spray exhaust brackets and all other brackets under vehicle.

3. Fluid film service complete. Service is good for 1 year.

Price: $199.00

Estimated Monthly Payments

  • 36 Months - $5.53/mo.
  • 48 Months - $4.15/mo.
  • 60 Months - $3.32/mo.
  • 72 Months - $2.76/mo.
The estimated monthly Payment is based on the Principle amount, term and finance rate. Your rate amount may vary based on your approved credit rate. Taxes are not included.
*Not all accessories are available for all trim levels for this vehicle. All Accessories are warrantied for a period of 3 years or 36,000 miles at time of delivery. Ask your salesperson for details.

Catalog Number: 5697

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